Let a crystal energy reading guide you to a brighter future through tapping into the powerful world of crystals. More therapy than magic, this transformational experience uses crystal energy to open you up into a raw state, breaking through your preconceptions. From this uninhibited mental and spiritual plane, you can better identify the energy blocks that have been inhibiting your personal growth.

By first selecting from over 100 unique crystals, this experience delves into your intuition to explore why you were drawn to these specific crystal energies, and what the deepest realms of your subconscious are trying to communicate through your selection. Your chosen combination of crystals shares a story. This story is about YOU, from your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is powerful; on one level, a positive mind encourages you to love unconditionally, have faith and dream big. A neutral mind encourages you to take time, breathe, be patient and weigh your options. A negative mind causes you to live in doubt and fear, surrounded by old wounds and addictions. How can you tell which subconscious mind you are living in? The crystals will enlighten through the story that their energy unfolds. Once this information is revealed, it is easier to decipher why you sometimes get stuck, live in the past or self-sabotage.

Knowledge is power. Becoming aware of the things you are doing to hold yourself back gives you the freedom to change. Each and every day you can begin again and start anew. The crystals act as a tool to bring you a message with a personalized plan of action to help you achieve your goals. Being clear on your desired outcome and making conscious changes on a daily basis is the best way to create long term happiness, abundance and health.

A Crystal Energy Reading is a truly transformative, healing and life changing experience. Many people have said that a 1-hour Crystal Energy Reading felt similar to 10 therapy sessions combined. After the reading, they felt empowered, hopeful and balanced.

How long does the Crystal Energy Reading last?

Each reading varies from about 30 to 45 minutes.

Is a Crystal Energy Reading the same as a psychic reading?

NO, It’s not a psychic, tarot or fortune telling reading. It is also not about future predictions or future outcomes. It is about this moment, right now, and how you decide to show up to your own life to create the future outcomes you desire. The crystal energy reading is a spiritual, transformational and empowering way to rediscover your personal power and let go of what no longer serves you.

How much is a reading?

Each Crystal Energy Reading is $40. Each reading includes a personalized intention, crystal stone analysis, identifying strengths that serve your soul purpose, letting go of belief systems that no longer serve you, goal setting, a plan of action and personal stone.