by Crystal Lane and Laura Richmond

ARIES (March 21st-April 19th) Fire (Spiritual/Creative Will): Arians are known for their high levels of energy but the month of July begins leisurely and unhurried and there is nothing an Arian can do to speed up plans that are already underway. The Angels of Summer Solstice are beckoning those born under this sign to avoid sudden impulsive moves and learn to radiate in silence and stillness, if not only for a couple of weeks. Because come mid-month Archangel Uriel is urging that this is the time to ‘visualize, take action and bring projects to a completion’ to realize the full rewards from well thought out ideas, whether personal or professional. Having the full support of the tarot card The Magician in July brings a truly magical element to your thoughts and intentions and can easily turn any situation into a golden opportunity. The Lovers Card reveals that perhaps there is a big decision you need to make in your life or perhaps pondering a change and now is the time to pare down all options to the ones that fulfill your heart the greatest and let go of ones that have become stale and outdated. Making a choice of what works best for you, needs to be seen through to fruition, to give results of the greatest power.

TAURUS (April 20th-May 20th) Earth (Physical): June ended the month for many Taureans feeling as though a whirl of energy lifted them up and placed them on an entire new course and path in life, one completely different than what they had known for many years. And many are liking this newfound journey as they feel change is good for their soul. Leading up to the change there may have been a sense of fear of the unknown (as some have been blown onto an entire new course of life that they have never experienced before) but instinctively Taureans know they are ready for these new challenges and experiences and embrace them wholeheartedly. The Universal Gods are motioning to breathe and most of all have confidence in your abilities and dreams, that you have landed on a life’s pathway where everything is happening exactly as it should and take in all the mystical and cryptic messages you are receiving and apply them to your life to find your truest life’s purpose. Taureans feel they are ready to fly and implement their most passionate visions to live their best life ever and the tarot card The Fool is in the yin position this month, meaning you’re craving new life adventures and the Angels of Strength and Excitement won’t let you down.

GEMINI (May 21st – June 20th) Air (Mental): Gemini is one of the most versatile signs of the zodiac, meaning that whatever life throws your way, you will rise up and meet the challenge. Prosperity follows you this month of July as you’re feeling a sense of security and well-being that you fought long and hard for. There are plently of good fortunes surrounding you now and feelings of “living the good life” are apparent now, as well, as the Angels of Daily Stress have literally blown away any tensions to create a clearer vision for you and your family; especially regarding children, meaning you have prepared them well to venture out in the world, as this could have been an area of stress for Geminis during the past year. July is a terrific time to connect and bond with those you love and bring some enthusiasm and fun into everything you do, as Venus has been circling your sign for some time now as your charisma and grace intensify you find others enjoy your companionship and yearn to be around you. July is an excellent month to streamline your life as The Judgement tarot card is in the yin position, meaning let go of what you don’t need anymore and make room for the change that is imminent in your life.

CANCER (June 21st-July 22nd) Water (Emotional): July starts off with a bountiful gift from your Guardian Angel as the Angel of White Light is brought forth and reveals herself as a very strong presence in your life right now as she is here to protect you and those closest to you, you could almost say you have a protective armor that surrounds you from stress, danger or ill will from others, as she is only a thought away if you should need her and your thoughts have the power to summon her army of angels to be sent your way whenever you deem necessary. Cancereans could feel strong vibrations surrounding enlightenment, strength and creativity, please use her abundant energy for an exchange of spiritual light to fill you with positiveness, to invoke positive change in your life and banish negative thoughts or worry, as she is here to guide you and wants you to use her energies to the fullest. With a new solar year underway this is an excellent time to collect your bearings and acclimate to your new surroundings whether professional or personal, as you’ve weathered many a storm and realize you can survive almost anything. Family plays a prominent role in the events that transpire in July as your inner child comes out and it all about enriching experiences that are driving Cancerians to find solace in all areas of life, especially where fairness is concerned as looking at all sides of a situation is imperative as others might not share the same vision, at the same time, as you, and this could cause rifts to arise.

LEO (July 23rd – August 22nd) Fire (Spiritual/ Creative Will): Leos are known for being romantics and wearing their hearts on their sleeve but July could find them on the defensive when it comes to love and affairs of the heart. Stubborn forces may try to bring out the drama queen in Leos by being too aggressive and taking their kindness for weakness. The Angels of Tranquility are urging Leos not to get too upset but instead to go with the flow as the tarot card The Tower stands staunchly by to remind Leos that although one likes to express themselves boldly that this time around there is no need to mince words or ‘tell it like it is’ as there is no need to win this war of emotions because if home truths were revealed the win would overwhelmingly be in Leos favor but at what expense. The tarot card The Temperance plays a dominant role this month to help rebuild relationships or anything that has ‘fallen apart’, where there was chaos there is now a semblance of order and control. Beware of The Moon card which implies that those who hold onto a dangerous game of words this month could find themselves heading into a mysterious part of their lives that require keen instincts to unravel truths. July is the month to forget about the melodrama and instead allow The Star tarot card to bring forth the message that Leos should be the center of attention this month and shine brightly as some could be honored with an award for a job well done or shine in the moment that their family and friends notice their achievements and are proud of them.

VIRGO (August 23rd -September 22nd) Earth (Physical): Some Virgos may begin July feeling as though they have been caught in the headwinds and each attempt to move past problems brings forth another. Perhaps there has been a pestering question or doubt about a life situation happening in your world and the time has come to unravel the truth, because no matter what is troubling you, the Angels of Intuition are putting you on the right path to reveal. This is for Virgo’s betterment as some may feel conflicted as there seems to be coercion from some around you that are trying to convince you to do something that is not good for you and your Guardian Angel is here to remind that ‘you have every right to be happy and find the strength to make sound decisions that put you in charge of your emotional affairs, not allowing others to dictate them’. Happily, the Magician tarot card is also featured prominently this month bringing forth many pleasant surprises that the universe has in store for you and more importantly, giving Virgos the wisdom to open one’s mind to new and exciting possibilities that are happening all around you. Virgos are not going to avoid the Angel of Truth this month, always popping up in Virgo’s July forecast, especially regarding work related matters as some Virgos are picking up on the vibe that ‘somethings going on at work that doesn’t feel quite right’ but are left defenseless as to ‘what to do’. Thankfully, the tarot card The High Priestess is in your favor this month showing that the ‘path is very clear, your co-workers trust and admire you and your conscience knows exactly what is required from you’.

LIBRA (September 23rd-October 22nd) Air (Mental): Libras continue on their spiritual journeys this month and The Angel of Divine Timing is strongly whirling around your sign with the message that by continuing looking to the past and having regrets prevents Librans from looking at all they’ve achieved and experienced in life thus far. The Angel is here to remind that they are aware of your hopes and dreams but fate cannot be rushed. Looking back needn’t be a deflating experience but one that empowers and strengthens, especially where friendship and relationship building is concerned, as some around you envy your life and ‘wish they could be in your shoes’, as Librans are naturally born leaders and give strength to others around them. The Angel of Relationship Building is encouraging Librans to share their ideas and expertise with others who covet their time and attention, as this exercise will build strong bridges and only positive outcomes. The Angel of Travel comes up in combination with stress and manifestation, meaning that the mind is a powerful tool, especially in the hands of an imaginative Libra, but are showing you to forget your anxieties and are giving reassurance from The Emperor and The Lovers cards to “just get on with things” as there is no need to put distance with others where there may have been contradiction or conflict. Archangel Raguel is saying that this is the perfect month to set your relationships on a balanced and harmonious path by showing all around you that you are willing to give, without getting anything in return.

SCORPIO (October 23rd– November 21st) Water (Emotional): July is not the month to run and hide or keep a low profile, dear Scorpions, as the tarot card The Pope is warning that it is important to honor your commitments to others and stick with the plans that are already underway. July is the time to tend to the nuts and bolts of a project and save those creative, more fun filled activities for another month. An intense zodiac sign the universe is asking for Scorpions to not be inflexible or overanalyze a situation when trying to find an answer to a situation that is less than desirable or daunting. Perhaps emotions and difficulties have been distracting you from getting your everyday routines done but July is not the time to make finite decisions, so if you are hesitant or reluctant to make a decision, cut yourself some slack and know that the Angels of Inner Peace and Joy support that decision because right now hesitation is working in your favor. The Temperance card reminds not to overdo it in the emotions department regarding feelings surrounding a situation that runs deep; and to move slowly and patiently for a payoff that begins the process for all things start to fall into place. The Yang side of July reading bears The Hermit tarot card indicating that Scorpions should rely less on others and know that the answers that they have been seeking have been inside them all along.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22nd-December 21st) Fire (Spiritual/Creative Will): Sagittarians have overcome many challenges and July brings a refreshing break from the worries and concerns as the Angels of Play encourage tapping into your enthusiasm for life and continue to explore any activities that excite you now. The Sun harmonizes with Uranus for a splendid time to release any pressures or problems, each of which appear easier to fix now but be mindful that the solution found should feel instinctively right for you and not made just to make others happy. You could address a situation over and over in your mind but must first address what you fear in what you could discover by doing some digging into the matter at hand, as you might not have all the pieces of the puzzle but enough to know where you stand with certain arrangements or situations. Overall, July should be looked at as a time for fresh starts and a resurrection as the tarot card The Tower represents the ability to close the door to the past and set your sights in search of a wonderful new start in life. Remember many thoughts that bog one down is due to holding onto past resentments and The Death card is indicating that closure is coming soon to a problem that presents today. Change is forthcoming in -the -near future but its beginnings are dependent on a situation that won’t allow change to happen until what is in place now ends.

CAPRICORN (December 21st-January 20th) Earth (Physical): Capricorns are hard workers and the Hermit card starts off the month by encouraging self -reflection and meditation as let’s face it, Capricorns have had to face some tough stuff and the time has arrived for some much -needed healing and rest. Mars is powerful the first week of July where none of the push backs or barriers that may have been felt in the past year regarding finances are in your way now and July represents a new journey for a smart head for money and a lucrative sense of direction. But as the financial gates are starting to open for you personally, Capricorns may be faced with tension in some relationships, regarding issues surrounding money and how others behave, as presentation is everything to a Capricorn. The tarot card The Pope appears this month where you begin to become aware of the inner change happening within you and this card is coupled with The Emperor, sitting highly on his throne, asking you to start thinking about the ‘structure of your relationships”. Do you feel stuck or trapped in a certain situation but stalling out of compassion or fear of change? Capricorns may be known for their stubborn streak but they know what they want and have a strong resilience in achieving what they set their mind to and yet, armed with knowledge, Capricorns may still find that they cannot be fully honest and open with themselves or others this month.

AQUARIUS (January 20th-February 19th) Air (Mental): July is an important time to focus on friendships and those you love but you could find forming or creating new interactions with others will rely on you taking the initiative to do so, it’s not that others don’t want to be around you, but as life gets busy for everyone in the month of July, you could find yourself disappointed in the long wait time for an invitation. Aquarians aspire to a clarity of feelings from those around them but with the tarot card The Devil swooping in this month tosses any calmness or serenity right out the window. Energies could be spent on finalizing contracts or projects to others satisfaction and this could prove to be draining but utilize your willpower to complete any unfinished tasks that are difficult to face. You cannot progress in life without closing some chapters of your life and leaving them behind you and the tarot card The Death is signaling that the time has come to separate yourself from any situation that has been hanging heavily on your mind and face the unknown because if not done Aquarians will only be stalling their future. The Justice card appears and we automatically think ‘all will be well’ but it doesn’t always work out that way as perhaps you’ve found yourself in a situation that doesn’t feel entirely right then the best course of action is ‘trust your own instincts, save your moral principles and get out now”.

PISCES (February 20th-March 20th) Water (Emotional): Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac and the scene is ripe during the month of July for a career transition, as this has been on a Piscean’s mind for some time and Juno, the Queen of Commitment leaves you with the opportunity to put your plans into motion. Your professional year has shifted and what was familiar yesterday, is now replaced with something new, as last month there was a randomness represented by the tarot card The Fool, leaving you feeling you didn’t have much control over anything. The Hermit asks that Pisceans be prudent and cautious to avoid missteps that could prove to be costly or extra work in the long run and allow The High Priestess to show you that intuition should be your guide and won’t let you down when making career decisions. You’ve grown tired by having to pay so much attention to detail that you yearn for a new level of freedom. July opens the door for greater focus on something that is important to you or that you’re passionate about in your life but recent distractions have taken up the time and attention it needs to flourish. Worth noting, the Tower Card foresees a conflict in -the near future, and this doesn’t always have a negative connotation simply that this confrontation will lead to the ultimate release for you. Pisceans find themselves becoming more sentimental and nostalgic and this all has to do with restoring peace and stability in your life.